Saturday, July 6, 2013

Strong women Trading Cards

Strong Women Trading Cards

I created these strong women trading cards a while ago for a girls camp.
"Strong Women trading cards, includes women from the bible, book of Mormon and pioneer history. The back of the cards have a brief history on each woman."
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I since have been emailed, messaged and asked if I could share a downloadable copy. Today is you lucky day! I have been really busy (I am sure you have been too) and I am so sorry I neglected to do this sooner!  Please know most of the images I used to create these trading cards are from, Please respect their policy of using it for personal use only. You can share this post on pinterest by using the pin button below.

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Here are the files, there are two 1) publisher 2) pdf

feel free to download and edit the publisher document or go ahead and print the pdf. :D


  1. I can't get the downloads to work? Would love to use these for activity days. you can email me at kodaandmarlynn @ gmail (dot)com

  2. Thank you! What a generous resource to freely share!