Saturday, July 13, 2013

Girls Camp is almost here, and I've gone crazy!

Despite the fact that I just graduated high school, I was made a cabin mom instead of YCL. You could see how this would shock me, but with the encouragement of the camp director I agreed to take on this role. Here are some of the handouts I have prepared for girls camp.

This years theme for the camp is S.M.I.L.E, Spiritually Minded Is Life Eternal. And each day has their own mini themes. Here they are
Monday: I'm a Mormon, I know it, I live it, I love ----Happiness comes as we live the gospel
Tuesday: Service
Wednesday: Self Confidence
Thursday: Listen to the Spirit
Friday: ?

And this kinda comes down to a challenge of mine, I being a college student, was on a really tight budget I decided to see if I could get everything for girls camp for $20 or less...

Here is Mondays hand out:

I found this image online [here] and then I printed it using shrinky dinks, to make a charm.
Pack of Shrinky Dinks with coupon = $9.40*
*note I already owned the Shrinky Dink Sheet so I did not count them as part of the $20 for camp.


Here is Tuesdays hand outs:

Pinterest is a LIFE SAVER! I found this handout on pinterest, originally from here, I just got two packs of fun colored socks at walmart. The best part is they have smiley faces on them! Perfectly matching the theme of S.M.I.L.E! I love this little handout I found, it has a quote from president Monson about service.

 Cost of 12 socks= $8

I also made these using Shrinky Dinks, it is another charm, but this one says "Secret Service" It is just a small reminder that we need to serve. 


 Here is Wednesdays hand outs:

First off, I found these nifty bracelets at Wal-Mart for 50 cents.

Don't believe me? BAM!
They are just a good reminder we are daughters of God.
8 Bracelets= $4
I also made these, they say "Be YOU tiful"

Here is Thursdays hand out:


 It is a charm of an ear to remind them to "listen" to/for the Holy Ghost.
I am also giving them glow sticks to remind them to shine,

with a quote similar to one of these two
3 packs of Glow Sticks = $3

 from here

Total Cost without Shrinky Dinks=

 Cost of 12 socks= $8
8 Bracelets= $4
3 packs of Glow Sticks = $3
2 bags of starburst = $4
Plastic bags = $1
Elastic for charm bracelets= $2
Goal Total = $20 Grand Total= $22,
$2 over budget-----verdict, Good Job!!

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Strong women Trading Cards

Strong Women Trading Cards

I created these strong women trading cards a while ago for a girls camp.
"Strong Women trading cards, includes women from the bible, book of Mormon and pioneer history. The back of the cards have a brief history on each woman."
(see old post at )

I since have been emailed, messaged and asked if I could share a downloadable copy. Today is you lucky day! I have been really busy (I am sure you have been too) and I am so sorry I neglected to do this sooner!  Please know most of the images I used to create these trading cards are from, Please respect their policy of using it for personal use only. You can share this post on pinterest by using the pin button below.

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Here are the files, there are two 1) publisher 2) pdf

feel free to download and edit the publisher document or go ahead and print the pdf. :D

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Scripture Journals

Pin It This is Shannon from The Red Headed Hostess, she has many, many, many ideas on how create a scripture journal. As well as lot's of other church related ideas. -Laura Singleton

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pin It For a youth activity we made a music video. It was super fun! -Laura

Saturday, July 28, 2012


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I promised you that I would blog about Trek. And it's been a full week since it happened. And since then I've come up with a few photos from it.
We were also in the newspaper!!

 What is Trek?
So if you have no idea what trek is, it is where mormon youth (ages 14-18) get assigned to "families" with 9 other youth. A family usually consisted of 10 children, and 1 "ma" and 1 "pa". You would also be given a handcart, and you would (before trek) sew your own authentic clothing. "Trek" is a journey which occurs over the period of 3 days and is to give one experience and a small taste of what it was like for our ancestors, the Mormon pioneers .
 Who were the Pioneers?
70,000 Mormon pioneers traveled to Utah between 1846 and 1869.  The trail was over 1,300 miles long, for many longer because they had traveled from England, and other European countries. Families often sacrificed all their belongings, and traveled onward through the harshest conditions. Snow, Rain and often Indian attacks, blistering feet, colds and fevers were some of the hardships faced.

We traveled nearly 20 miles in 2 days, not 1,300 miles. However we were able to sample the trials our noble ancestors may have faced. Rocky terrain,  down pouring rain, bee-stings, snakes, and the mud, were a few of our hardships. We carried on with the spirit, and our hearts were filled with joy. We were humbled and brought to love one another. Our "Trek" families, became our real families. Hymns of praise and joy occupied our time. Stories were shard, and only encouraging words rolled off our tongues. It was a joyful experience with many blessings. I loved trek, I learned that I was much stronger than I thought, and that I always have someone who loves me to help me. We did a women's pull, where it was just four of us ladies pulling our handcart up a rocky hill 3/4 of a mile. It was invigorating! We did it! We pulled our handcart to the top where the men were standing, cheering us on. Before trek, I didn't want to go, I was stressed that I couldn't walk that far, or that I wouldn't like my family. But during trek, I never wanted to leave. I was appreciative of simple things, a bed, blankets {I didn't have one on trek, and it was cold} , food, and most importantly  my family. It was a wonderful opportunity to grow my testimony and strengthen my faith. :)


There were two children on the trail, this little girl is Emma. 

 And this is baby Jimmer

 The trail went through the Appalachian trail

Here are the girls from my ward
Getting ready to go, 

 This is our stake presidents, "lying down on the job" That ground, doesn't look comfortable.
 Here is the first snake we saw.

 Here is the second
 We also saw a turtle

 Here comes the rain, Ponchos are the best thing to bring to trek.

 The woman on the left of the picture below, is sister Rasband. The coolest woman ever! She can help you with anything! Blisters, hurt muscles, and sad spirit. I love this woman!
 The mud!! AH!

 There were lots of big rocks, and mud

 Here is where we stopped. We put up tarps to keep dry in the rain "unfortunately, we were already wet." 
 The women's pull on Friday
 It was a total team effort
 More Happy Trails,

 A log can't ruin our day!
 Water can't ruin our day either.
 We look for the bright side. This is my Trek family. Andrea is in the green bonnet, she was determined to make a different face for every picture.

 On Friday we also had musical guests, it was the Oswald family from my ward. Boy are they great musicians! We also had wonderful photographers, That's Sister Macharsky on the right
 Here is my Family

 A different kind of homecoming

 A Ma & Pa from our ward. Ma & Pa Canizales.

 That's me!! Laura [Ingalls ;) ]
 My brothers & me
 Ma & Pa cook
 And finally my siblings come to pick me up.
-Hope you enjoyed it.