My name is Laura

Hi there! My name is Laura.
I am 18 years old, this fall I will be a freshman at BYU Idaho. I have many hobbies, some of which are drawing, painting, crafting, blogging, and camping.

I have several goals, here are a few.

  • Study and read the Book of Mormon
  • Work on and finish personal progress
  • Give my friend a copy of the Book of Mormon
  • Write my feelings of the B.O.M
  • Go to the Temple
  • learn how to do family history
  • Bear my testimony
  • Get a family photo taken
  • Have Family Home Evening more often
  • use my time wisely / Serve others
Every time I finish one I will check it off . :) 

This blog is for me to update my personal progress,
share whats going on,
maybe post a few how-to's,
and to just express whats going on right now.

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here is myself and my mom when I was little