The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon.

What can I say. Even though I am still young, I know that the Book of Mormon is true.
I have had my share of struggles. Struggles with reading, and my faith, and those who demean the church.
  Every day I go to school I meet those who may not even have a faith, or those who claim that the Book of Mormon is not true because one of their friends told them it wasn't.

 And honestly I don't know where I'd be without this gospel, without my faith, or the Book of Mormon. I can not even imagine what my life would be like without the knowledge of  the gospel. Thinking about not having it has made me realize the importance the Book of Mormon.

The Book of Mormon teaches us of Christ. It tells us of his love for us. And of the things we must do to live with he and his Father again. The Book of Mormon confirms what the Bible teaches. The Book of Mormon helps me feel close to my savior. It makes my day better, it uplifts my spirit. It helps me feel the spirit. It tells us we are children of our father in heaven. It answers my prayers, it helps me through a rough time. The Book of Mormon is with out a doubt in my mind true.

Every time I study it's words I find answers to my prayers and it helps me.

When did I know for my self it was true?
I grew up a member in the church and I was told since I was young the Book of Mormon is true. But I knew with out a doubt for my self it was true when I was at girls camp. It was either 2nd year of girls camp of 3rd that I leaders asked us to think of a question that we wanted answered and to go out in the middle of the woods and pray about it. This was about the time a few of my friends had been questioning my church and whether the Book of Mormon was actually true. People would say "It's not true, Joseph Smith only wrote it." I had a little borrowed faith, but I wanted to know for my self with out a doubt that it was true. So I wandered off to a nice fallen tree and knelled and prayed. I waited a few minutes, just with the prayer in my heart. I had never prayed so much. And so sincerely. I began to cry because I felt the Holy Ghost assuring me that it is indeed true. I have never forgotten that plain and simple answer. That it is true.  I had a morsel of faith and it has become larger.

Since the time I knew it was true I have had countless number of opportunities to share my testimony, whether it was a formal testimony, or an informal comment to a friend.
My friend has recently being wondering about it. And I have told her that I know it is true. She and I talked about it. And I am going to give her a Book of Mormon.
Why? Because of my faith in this book I want my friends to have the blessings I have. I want them to know of the comfort it gives, and of the testimonies that are given, I want them to know it is true. I can not imagine not having the blessing of reading the Book of Mormon.

 Although I am young and have much much more to learn.

I know that the Book of Mormon is true. 

 One English class our teacher asked us what our most prized physical possession is, and although at first I was nervous of the comments I would get, I wrote about my most prized possession being the Book of Mormon my grandmother gave me when I was baptized. It is black and has my name engraved in gold on the cover. It has a letter in the front written by my grandmother. I love the gold pages and the thumb index markers, and the way the soft cover feels in my hands. But the thing I love most are the words, the testimonies, and stories printed on the pages. I love that each time I read these words I get a different thing out of them. I love that the words answer my questions, and I feel the spirit when I read these words. I love the Book of Mormon, and I know the Book of Mormon is true!

Want to learn more about the Book of Mormon? Read it for your self. Get a copy free.