Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Room & Books

So I like to follow 71 Toes, the blog. And I saw this and fell in love!
And then it made me think of all that I could do to my room.
So maybe I'll do a mini room Revamp. I have posted pics before, but here they are agian.

I have a mirror that takes up the entire wall, behind is the closet. I also love my night stand.
* I need to put on an updated photo I put up my magnetic board.
The clock I got at Walmart 3 years ago, it's my favorite.

view from the window wall.
I got my bedspread at Target.

Lamp Story: I have plain white lamp. I decorated it with ribbon, buttons and a paper crown one of the Young women leaders made us. [I can't wait for this years, we get them on our birthday]
My dresser, I have things like a china doll my grandma gave me, a picture of my friends from girls camp, my license plate purse, the temple/mirror I made at girls camp.

The picture of my sister and I on my night stand.
A stack of books I am reading , going to read, and love.
Miss Peregrines home for perculiar children. [ great book!]
watch the book trailer here ->
The Help, current read.
Little women, one of my FAVORITES!
And the Hunger Games, to read.

And wall letters from PBteen.

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