Friday, January 6, 2012


Well it is 2012!
Wowzers 2011 went faster than I could of ever dreamed.
So your probably wondering, What is next for One Blogging Crafter?
 Well I am wondering that too! So if you have any suggestions I would love them!

I was thinking of doing something in relation to the theme Arise & Shine forth. OO! Maybe I can create more days of the Holidays. Maybe I'll do a giveaway....or maybe I'll write more of my serious blog moments. Maybe I should do a tutorial! But on what? Hmmm....

Anyways I would LOVE ideas. 

please comment below or email Laura (that's me!) at Lastingfashions @ Yahoo . com

Today I was thinking about how much I love Arthur. I had this stuck in my head ALL day! But it's a good thing I love it. :)

I also had this stuck in my head.

Oh, and my next post will have to do with this....
yes, it's a Tangled theme room. Cute huh!

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