Monday, December 26, 2011

On the 26th day of Christmas

December 26:
Your goal today and for the rest of your life is to read and enjoy the word of God as found in
the Holy Scriptures. Give yourself a gift that fills every day of your life with the real spirit of

Prompt #2. As new years approaches we want to set goals for ourselves. My goals can be found on pinterest. But I will share them here too.

2012 Goals :
  •  Drink more water, and dare I say go a whole year w/o soda!

  • "Exercise"  every day. Inside outside, walking, running, hiking, biking, ect...

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

  • Finish Personal Progress! Get an Honor Bee! 

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

  •  Read my Scriptures, everyday! 1 verse- 5 chapters +

  • Run/walk a 5k. 

  •  Journal every week. 

  • Use my time wisely! 

Other Goals

    •  Go to the temple
    • Learn how to do family History
    • Bare my testimony
    • Be a YCL 
    • Get a family photo
    • Blog 
    • Have family home evening
    • Use my time wisely

Wish me luck!
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