Friday, December 2, 2011

On the 2nd day of Christmas

So I am doing a series called the Days of Christmas in which I read a prompt I was given, complete the activities, study my scriptures, and blog. This is a way for me to remember that even though the world tells us that Christmas is about presents, and money, and getting what we want, Christmas is actually about Christ. Our appreciation of his birth, his atonement, and his example for us. That being said... I am opening envelope #2. Right now....

 Here is today's prompt

December 2:
Today's Goal: As you begin to decorate for Christmas, make a decoration that will remind you of the savior and his mission. 
Reading: Mosiah 3: 5-6, 8-10.
Song: I Believe in Christ, Hymn #134 

So as I pondered what to make as a decoration I decided upon something like this

I found this great mantle decoration idea at Capital B.... Buffat family, boys, blessed.
Sky Buffat posted free printables with lyrics from O Holy Night
You can find it here
I'll post my decorations later.


Mosiah 3: 5-6 , 8-10

 I decided to save you the time, read my feelings abut music below.

The hymn is I Believe in Christ,

I also love the fourth verse.
it goes 
" I believe in Christ; he stands supreme! from him I'll gain my fondest dream; And while I strive through grief and pain, His voice is heard: "Ye shall obtain" I believe in Christ ; so come what may, with him I'll stand in that great day When on this earth he comes again To rule among the sons of me." 

I love this verse because it says that when we are having a hard time we will be blessed and be able to overcome all our trials. It talks about since we believe in Christ anything can come our way, any trial and with Christ we can handle it. It also talks about how we will be able to stand in that "great day" which is the second coming.  
p.s. I might not blog everyday, but I will post a few of my favorites.    
p.s.s I will be adding all the hymns on a CD. You can do the same by going to and clicking Menu, then music (under study), music, Download a song MP3, then finding the song and saving it 

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