Thursday, December 1, 2011

The 1st day of Christmas

Today is December 1st!! 
which of course the start of many things, Christmas music in our house, advent calendars, service projects, and making and buying Christmas gifts. 

Let's start with advent calendars.
I made an advent calendar by writing numbers on the front of envelopes, (took like 5 minutes) then I colored the fronts with markers (took 20 minutes), googled lds Christmas prompts, found one ( that I'll refind and post later) print the prompts out, cut, and slipped them into the envelopes. (10 minutes) Then I strung a yarn "line" across to walls and took bobby pins and pinned the envelopes on the line. (5 minutes)

See that was easy! You don't need expensive things, nor do you need to waste a lot of time. I spent $3 on envelopes, I owned the bobby pins, yarn, and tape. I spent a total of 40 minutes. am I think it looks pretty good.

Today's prompt was to sing Oh, come all ye faithful Hymn #202, and read Matthew 18:20 and to ponder the scripture. I will probably do that after I go to the Family History Center tonight... sorry this was a short blog, but I just wanted to give you a quick update.


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