Friday, October 7, 2011

Personal Progress

My plan of Action for conquering Personal Progress. 
(Key Legend:  Lighting bolt + equals DONE! bullet equals not done)

+Faith Painted Christ walking on water. Done!

  •             Divine Nature- Either Read to Child at Lewistown or Decorate & Organize my room

+Individual Worth- Ran/ Walked 5K as well as trained for the “race. Done! 

  •             Knowledge- Learn how to use the churches ancestry website take names to temple and be baptized for they who themselves can’t ~ or ~ learn how to create a scripture journal, learn and research gospel topics
    • Since during General Conference they talked about the youth doing Family History, I decided that is what I wanted to do. I am going to learn how to get names and be baptized by-proxy for those who are dead in the temporal sense.  

  •             Choice and Accountability- Sew a dress to wear to the temple
    • I am sewing a dress that conforms to the Strength of Youth booklet, by using a patterned knit fabric and cutting, pinning and sewing a dress.

+Good Works- Babysat for free on a regular basis for a single mother. Done!

  •             Integrity Paper Piece / quilt a temple 
    • I found a cute quilt pattern of the Washington D.C. Temple, (My favorite) from Quilt a temple .com
  •          Virtue-– read the whole Book of Mormon and write my testimony of it. 
    • Along with reading the whole Book of Mormon cover to cover, we have to write our testimony of it, and share the Book of Mormon with a friend. 
    • I have been using this book, as well as this website, for help understanding and applying the scriptures to my life. 

Let me introduce you to the Book of Mormon forum 
{}It is open to anyone who wants to do it. You 
- study and blog about The Book of Mormon extensively
 - answer questions about The Book of Mormon that I have received from my friends
 - feature interviews/guest posts and your testimonies.

I am going to really try this. Although I have been busier than normal, (because of school) I will try. Even if I don't post a single post in October, and if I succeed in studying & reading, I will write it in my journal than post later.  

 If you want to join me and other bloggers click on the button below. 

The Book of Mormon Forum

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