Friday, August 19, 2011

Hi :) My name is Laura

Hello there :) 

My name is Laura and I am the One Blogging Crafter and this blog is about how I see life and crafting, crafting, & Crafting.

Let me introduce myself:

  • My name is indeed Laura, I like to pronounce it like "Lar-a" not like "Lora". 

  • I am a teenager.

  • I am not new or unfamiliar with blogging, I started my blogging "career" by creating my first blog L.A.S Girl in 2008.  I used that blog to blog about completely random topics ranging from how cute my yorkie is to my favorite Youtube videos and family traditions. I have not "given up" blogging on L.A.S girl, however I wanted to create a blog that was more purposeful. A blog that I can blog about life, crafting, sewing, High School, and being me. I'm trying my best to make this blog right. Although I am not the best at grammar, so bear with me.

  • I am Mormon. I love being a member, it blesses my life everyday. I love belonging to this church because I have learned so much and enjoy having such a loving community who love and support me. It has made our family better, and Christs teachings have influenced me to be a better person. The reason I am telling you this is because being Mormon (or formally known as a Latter Day Saint) is a HUGE part of my life. It's me. I don't just attend church once a week. I live it, I live by the teachings and I try to do better. I {try to} live by what I believe. I {try to} do what I believe. I am Human, I do make mistakes, I may slip off the path, I may even have a bad day (or two, or three) but I know that thru Christ I can repent. I can get back on the path.  I try my best to be the person I know Heavenly Father wants me to be. Being Mormon (and even Christan) means going to church, living the ten commandments, obeying your parents, getting up early to go to seminary, praying, reading the scriptures, being a good person, repenting, learning, being a missionary, watching conference, having standards, dressing modestly, working on personal progress, Having Family Home evening,  going to Young Women's, going to Dances, Going to Girls Camp, Being an Example, Smiling, and trying your best. But of course NO one is perfect.

  • Don't get me wrong. I am Mormon, but I have a lot of "Non-Member Friends" who I love to death! I find that they bless my life as much as my friends who are members, and maybe even more, because they allow me to be a missionary. 

  • I believe in freedom of religion. I am blessed because America is my home, and Americans are able to belong to whatever church they want, and believe whatever they want. It is a wonderful privilege to have.

  • I am a Plus Size Girl. 
  • Your probably wondering what that has to do with anything, "Right?!" am I Right?! Well, being a plus size girl means I have a lot of struggles,  I know every girl does, Big, Small, Tall, Short, Thin, Thick, Curvy, or Flat. But shopping for "Stylish" clothes is difficult,  and that fuels my love of Crafting, of Creating something that is "Stylish" and "Fashionable". Or even just turning something blah, into "AH!" Like for example, today I went clothes shopping at the mall; it was really hard finding cute clothes that made me look good and that fit, so we went to JOANNS fabrics and I got some leopard fabric to make a cute top. It is possible to be Plus size & Cute. 

  • I am the oldest. I have one brother, Matt (NOT Matthew), a sister, Amanda. And of course a loving Mom & Dad. 

  • I am a Girl Scout of 10 years! and I am excited for when the Girl Scouts of America turns 100 next year! I am a Senior Girl Scout, and have had many opportunities to serve others, as-well as "beautify" the community.
  • I have a beautiful Yorkshire Terrier who's name is Buddy Bear
  • I Love hot air ballons 
  • I Love
  • I want to pursue a career in either Web Site designing or become an Art Teacher.
  • I love to draw & Watercolour, I love the British spelling of Colour.
  • And I love to Blog!

Yours Truly,

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